OxyGenesis Green Gold

Maria Rogmans is the owner of the trademark
OXYGENESIS GREEN GOLD U.S. Trademark Application No. 85/068,307

and the US Plant Patents US PP23156 P3, US PP23171 P3 for aquatic plants "Lemnacea Minor L Herny Blanke", and "Eichhornia crassipes Johann Schoofs Sen."

Maria Rogmans is managing director of the Oxygenesis GmbH, located in Kalkar, Germany. In accordance with that, the Oxygenesis offers the following goods for handling especially with aforesaid aquatic plants, in specifically designed greenhouses.

  • Metal greenhouses for use in producing plants, especially aquatic plants
  • Plastic bioreactor tubes for use in the propagation of biomass for agricultural purposes for growing plants, especially aquatic plants
  • Live aquatic plants for high biomass propagation; live aquatic
  • Pre-fabricated non-metal greenhouses for use in producing
For offers and further queries
Please contact us under pftf@gmx.de

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